PE lesson – Giving good instructions and following them!

The children had great fun this afternoon in their PE lesson. The aim was to understand how important it is to give good instructions and to follow them! The children had to use directions such as forward, left right and backwards to guide a robot friend around the maze that they had created. The children were good at taking it in turns and swapping with their partner. We are trying to remember that our left hand is the one that makes an “L” when we hold it up!


Constructing monuments

Our class topic this term is “Around the world” and the children have had a visit from Buzz lightyear who has told them a little about what he has seen and done in London and France. The children spent the afternoon constructing different monuments from London and France. We had a discussion about what the buildings looked like and the children chose what they were going to use to construct their building. Some of the children chose to work in pairs and worked well listening to each other’s ideas. All of the children were able to share equipment safely and sensibly and were pleased with what they had achieved.

Testing materials for a superhero cape

In this week’s science lesson the children discussed different materials and learnt what a man made material is. The children’s task was to test which material would be best for a superhero cape for Bella bear. All of the children predicted which material they thought would be the best by writing their name on a chart against the material. They then set to work in groups of 3 making superhero capes to test out using different materials, card, tissue paper, fabric and foil. The children threw the bears from the same line to make the test fair and were surprised at some of their findings.

Evil Pea visit to Chestnut Class

Today the children discovered that Evil Pea had snuck into our classroom and tied the vegetables up. He had also taken our popcorn! He left us a letter asking us to tell him how we thought he got in. For English the children created storyboards detailing how they thought evil pea got into the classroom. In maths we discovered that he had trapped some mushrooms in a pot. We discussed what an estimate was and all children had a go at estimating how many were trapped. The children also had a go at measuring the vegetables and superheroes using blocks and rulers. We discussed who was the longest vegetable and who was the shortest. The children had lots of different problems to solve throughout the day such as helping some frozen vegetables escape, helping the superheroes save people, making their own superheroes and cutting and drawing superhero masks.

In the afternoon the children decided to make some traps to catch evil pea. They drew their designs first, discussing what they might use and then got to work making their traps. Let’s hope that Evil Pea is caught and he brings the popcorn back!

Leaf printing

Today the children explored printing using leaves. We discussed the different effects that could be created and the different techniques we would need to use whilst we were painting, such as cleaning our brush between each colour so that our paint doesn’t turn brown! The children enjoyed collecting their leaves and experimenting with the different effects that they created, some children even explored the use of acorns.


Another busy week

Chestnut class have been as busy as ever this week. The Year 1’s have been focusing on adding more and taking less from a number in maths, and in English they have been focusing on character descriptions and re-telling the story of “How the koala learnt to hug.” For their science lesson this week we discussed the importance of the sun and how it affects our seasons, the year 1’s had a discussion about what differences there are between seasons and created a lovely picture together to demonstrate this for each season.

The year R’s are still doing a fantastic job at learning all of the sounds. They have all drawn a picture of their family and all knew which sounds they needed to write for the start of the people in their families.

We all had a brilliant PE lesson together today, enjoying working hard as a team and having such a brilliant positive attitude towards the tasks, well done Chestnut class!


A busy week in chestnut class

As always, we have had a busy week in chestnut class! The year 1’s have been focusing on making sure their writing makes sense by composing sentences, and in maths they have been focusing on doubling and halving numbers.

year R have learnt 5 more sounds and have explored numbers 1-5. All of the children are comfortable in the classroom routine and keen to learn.

The children enjoyed a PE lesson using the parachute to develop their team skills and have also experimented with different instruments in music. They have also been practicing for their Harvest festival performance with great enthusiasm to perform to the rest of the school next week.