Exploring and collecting data

This week the children’s science lesson was exploring and collecting data. The children had to see what they could find on the school field. The children chose an item that they were going to search for, twigs, flowers etc. They then had to put a hoop in an area on the field and count how many of that item they could find, they then recorded this on their chart. The children did this 5 times in different areas of the field and compared what they had found. All of the children followed the instructions well and could explain what they had discovered.


Cricket and yoga

For this week’s PE lesson the children had a go at learning the skill of batting and bowling in cricket. They took it in turns to bowl for the batsman and had 5 goes each before they swapped. The children really enjoyed the game and it was a good way of teaching the children to try to resolve taking turn issues independently! We talked about the importance of not walking in front of the batsman to collect the ball and which was the correct side of the bat to hit the ball with.
The children then took part in a short yoga for children activity to wind down the PE lesson. The children followed the story of a fish underwater and had to follow the yoga moves to tell the story, which the children loved. The children demonstrated good listening and understanding skills as well as balance and co-ordination.

Float or sink

Today the children learnt how to make a prediction and then test their idea. We discussed what the words float and sink meant and the children had to test which materials floated and which sank. The children had a practice of predicting results and then finding the answer before they set off to complete their own experiments. All of the children were confident at having their own ideas and then had a go at seeing if they could make a boat that would sink. The children engaged for a long time, and came up with lots of their own ideas, including seeing whether a shoe, sock and T-shirt would sink or float.

Marwell Zoo trip

The children’s science topic this term is Living things and their habitats, so a trip to the zoo was perfect.

The children were very excited for their marwell trip. They all listened to the instructions and expectations well and were very excited on the coach. We all enjoyed looking at the different animals and took part in a “Fur,feather and scales” workshop. The children learnt the names for different groups of animals and had to try to sort animals into the right groups. The children listened and paid attention to what the lady was telling us and soon they and sorted the animals into fish, amphibians, mammals, reptiles and birds. They then got to touch a rat and a snake and have a go at deciding which group each of the animals belonged to. After our workshop the children used their new found knowledge to see if they could classify the rest of the animals that we saw around the zoo.

A huge huge thank you to all of the lovely parents who helped, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Budding scientists

This week the children have had two scientific questions to solve. The first involved predicting and testing what happens to a marshmallow when it is put in the microwave. The children discussed that things get hot when they are in the microwave and had lots of different predictions as to what would happen. They they tested their prediction and were surprised and excited by the results! The marshmallow grew and then shrank and turned very sticky before then going really hard!

In our next experiment the children were set a mission to build a structure that would protect Humpty Dumpty from cracking when he fell off the wall. We discussed what kind of material we might need to use, something soft. The children worked really well with their partner and used their own thoughts and ideas to make their structure. The only guidance that was given by adults was whether the structure was strong enough and whether the egg could roll off. Out of 15 eggs only 2 cracked which we were all very excited about!


Firefighters visit

The children have had a fun morning listening to our visitors… the firefighters. The children have had discussions about what might be dangerous at home and what to do if there is a fire at home or at school. The firefighters taught them to remember
“Get out
Stay out
Call 999”

The children also learnt the rhyme “Matches and lighters never touch
They can hurt you very much!”
The children really enjoyed the different activities that were led, especially getting to look at and touch the firefighters uniform!



PE lesson – Giving good instructions and following them!

The children had great fun this afternoon in their PE lesson. The aim was to understand how important it is to give good instructions and to follow them! The children had to use directions such as forward, left right and backwards to guide a robot friend around the maze that they had created. The children were good at taking it in turns and swapping with their partner. We are trying to remember that our left hand is the one that makes an “L” when we hold it up!

Constructing monuments

Our class topic this term is “Around the world” and the children have had a visit from Buzz lightyear who has told them a little about what he has seen and done in London and France. The children spent the afternoon constructing different monuments from London and France. We had a discussion about what the buildings looked like and the children chose what they were going to use to construct their building. Some of the children chose to work in pairs and worked well listening to each other’s ideas. All of the children were able to share equipment safely and sensibly and were pleased with what they had achieved.